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    Smile The Lord Reveals Himself

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    A beautiful incident from Srimad Bhagavatam, about Lord Krishna's childhood may be well known to us, but a deeper understanding of the truth reveals the underlying essence of it.

    Lord Krishna, when He was a baby crawled to a mud puddle and grabbed some mud and put into His little mouth. The boys from the neighborhood rushed with the news to Yashoda, Krishna's mother.

    Yashoda hurried to the place and found her little one amidst the mud puddle. She placed her hands on his chin and asked Him to open His little mouth. When little Krishna opened His little mouth, to Yashoda's shock, she found the entire solar system inside His mouth instead of some mud.

    It was an incident that revealed to Yashoda about the Godliness of her little baby. On realizing that it was God who had assumed a human form, she prayed to Him, “O Lord of Love who has assumed this form of a little baby, you have entrusted me the duty of taking care of you. Do shower your blessings on us for ever”

    Yashoda then assumed the role of the mother of her little baby. She picked up little Krishna and washed his mouth with care. She also warned him not to repeat the naughty act again. The Lord also allowed himself to Yashoda's care like a normal baby!

    This incident reminds one of the Vedantic truth of the outer world being in the inner self. The self which is beyond beginning and end is the base, the substratum or the underlying reality of the manifested world.

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