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    Default Beyond the snake (Hisss)

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    Mallika sherawat, the Snake lady of the season canít stop praising in admiration for Kamal Hasanís daughter Shruthi Hasan. Reason is that, she has taken a song in the movie 'Hisss.' ĎShruthi has taken this song to a new level. She is just brilliant and awesome. Shruthi even wrote meaningful lyrics in English and that was amazing to work with her. With time, she is all set to reach new heights with talent,í Mallika said while attending the popular Sree Nagaraja Temple at Mannarasala in Kerala on Monday, two days before the release of ĎHisss.í

    After a long period of 24 years that a full fledged Nagin film is coming again on Indian screen and Mallika is all excited and anxious to watch it with audience on big screen. Media too has started to give extensive coverage for this ĎHisssí as release date 22nd is nearing by.

    Beyond the snake (Hisss)-2010
    Film: Hisss
    Singer : Shruti Hassan
    Composer : David Kushner
    Producer : Splitimage+Venus+Nuclearmango
    Film Director : Jennifer Lynch
    Video Director : Yogesh Diixiit


    Download the Vid here



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