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    Default Weight Loss Myths and Facts

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    Everyone has a theory on weight loss. They'll tell you to go to the gym, do weight training, kill yourself on the treadmill and what not.
    The fact is that quite a few of these 'theories' are in fact myths that have become accepted as realities over the years.

    Myth: Do weight training for weight loss
    Fact: Doing weight training for targeting weight loss will not help you look skinny you have to do cardio everyday for direct fat loss!

    After you come down to your target weight then for maintaining weight do 3-4 days weight training combined with cardio.

    Myth: Will eating only fruits in the day cause weight loss?
    Fact: Eating only fruits can cause weight loss initially due to water loss but if the required carbohydrate levels are exceeded then excess is stored as body fat.

    Also some fruits contain a lot of fructose which indirectly causes weight gain for example don't eat an apple after 4 pm in the evening.

    Myth: For weight loss I don't eat fatty foods at all!
    Fact: Body fat is required by our bodies for the absorption of vitamins a,d,e,k and also it acts like an insulator in the cold temperatures so each diet should contain between 15-20 per cent fat as a source of food!

    Myth: Eating only once a day will make me lose weight
    Fact: As you eat less food the body goes into a shut down phase (starvation mode) and then whatever we eat is converted into body fat and stored also there is a slowdown of metabolism so body starts gaining weight rather than losing it!
    Therefore you need to actually eat food to lose weight!

    Myth: Walking helps in weight loss
    Fact: Well, not entirely. Walking is a good exercise but only if it is accompanied with a healthy diet. Walking an aerobic exercise, which burns direct body fat. But it needs to be done at a certain speed and of course it HAS to be coupled with a proper diet

    Myth: My metabolism is low so I can't lose weight.
    Fact: Each body has a different rate of metabolism and the more weight you have the higher is the metabolism.

    In fact fat people lose weight faster than thin people or people who have previously lost weight and are trying to lose weight again.

    Take for instance, a stone that weighs 100 kilos and another one that weighs 60 kilos. You will need more energy to move the 100-kilo stone right?

    The human body here is a stone and the pulling power is your body metabolism!

    So stop giving excuses and start losing weight!

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