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    Default Tips on using contact lenses for short sighted users

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    Although many short sighted people prefer to wear glasses or contact lenses throughout the day, some people choose to take corrective measures only when they really need to. Generally speaking, people focus on things in their immediate vicinity most of the time, which means that people with a mild degree of myopia can sometimes get by without too much trouble. However, activities like driving, sport or a trip to the cinema can be uncomfortable and even dangerous without clear sight, which makes it essential to have contact lenses or a pair of glasses to hand. If you donít like the discomfort, maintenance or appearance of a pair of glasses, then contact lenses are the obvious choice for you.

    Contact lenses come in two forms Ė reusable and disposable Ė and both must be handled with care. Reusable lenses are commonly inserted in the early morning, and removed before you go to bed, giving you clear, unimpaired vision throughout the day. Although reusable contact lenses donít last as long as a well maintained pair of glasses, they are generally cheaper, and offer the user an unparalleled degree of comfort and freedom. However, itís extremely important to look after them properly, and they must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use. At the end of the day, each contact lens should be carefully removed and rinsed with warm water, or a cleaning solution recommended by an optician. Once they have been cleaned, your contact lenses should be stored overnight in a special case, which itself must be kept clean and disinfected at all times. Should you find yourself without a case, you can store each contact lens in a glass containing cleaning solution, with a tissue or coaster placed over the top to keep the dust out. Although it may seem harmless, itís never a good idea to store lenses in tap water. Your eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body, and tap water can contain germs which can easily cause infection if transferred to your eye via your contact lens.

    If you opt for disposable contact lenses, you donít have to worry about cleaning them every night, as you simply throw away the lens after removing it. However, the convenience of a disposable contact lens does come at an extra cost, though they are not as expensive to replace if you lose one during the day. Generally speaking, disposable lenses work in the same way as a reusable lens Ė they should be inserted in the early morning, and removed before you go to bed at night. However, disposable lenses do offer a degree of flexibility, as you can carry them with you and insert them as and when you need to. If you take this approach, you should make sure that youíre in a clean, dust-free environment when you insert each contact lens, while also making sure that your hands are clean and free of any soaps or chemicals. Whichever form of lens you choose, youíll be free to enjoy a life of clear vision, without the restrictions and discomforts of a pair of glasses.



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