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    There is hardly any drink that is not a food too, in terms of calories it provides-tea is no exception. A cup of tea, containing 2 tbsp of milk and a tsp of sugar, yields about 40 calories. Milk contains casein, which makes the tannin in the tea insoluble, thus removing some of its astringency(acidic effect).Apart from the milk and sugar generally added, the tea infusion contains marginal quantities of vitamins and minerals, but no significant quantities of extractable proteins, carbohydrates or fats.
    Tea is fairly rich in most of the B group vitamins. Apart from these, it is also a good source of vitamin E and K and Beta-carotene (changes into vitamin A in our body).Tea contains traces of minerals like Copper, Flouride and Manganese too. Fluoride helps in avoiding cavities in the teeth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donaldas View Post
    No, Tea is not harmful for the health but we must avoid the excessive use of the green tea.
    Green tea helps to reduce the body weight and also helpful to increase the metabolism.

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    Well anything can be harmful in excess even water. Also each individual's tolerance level would be different. If you are sensitive to caffeine though there are also caffeine free or decaffeinate versions of coffees, colas, and teas.
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