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    Default Physical Side-effects of quitting Smoking

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    Smoking is a hazardous habit which has adverse effects on the smokerís health. It affects almost all the parts of the body. Even when the smoker tries to get rid of it, he is not spared. Smoking is a habit which is tough to get rid of. There are a number of Quit smoking side effects. But the side-effects are much trivial than the diseases caused due to continuous smoking. The side-effects of quitting smoking might last only for some time, but the diseases caused might last lifelong. The side-effects can be easily overcome by preparing oneself to face them.

    There are two different elements of the side-effects while one quits smoking Ė the physical and the psychological aspects.

    The most conspicuous effect soon after quitting smoking is the sudden decrease in blood sugar level. Dizziness, headache, bad cough, concentration lapse, time perception distortions, ubiquitous sweet tooth and other behavioral changes are attributed to the sugar level changes in the blood. The symptoms of low blood sugar are similar to that due to lack of oxygen in the body. Inadequate oxygen prevents the brain from working to its maximum capacity. Nicotine excites some specific organs due to which the amount of sugar stored in our body is released. That is why cigarettes act as appetite suppressants. When one quits smoking the body needs to readjust itself to the new condition. Hence one tends to have more food to maintain the blood sugar level. Cigarettes work much faster than food. Hence people tend to gorge themselves over food. It eventually leads to weight gain. The other physical side-effects are sweating, insomnia, sour stomach, stomach pains and mild shaking.
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