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    Default Physical Advantages of Women Than Men

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    Time to be proud and thankful you were born as a woman! The body of men and women are different, it is obvious you know. But behind the physical appearances, there were differences that actually benefit women. Well, well maybe we are less strongly about the physical strength and is said to be easier and easier gray wrinkles than men but there are really many other advantages.

    The immune system is stronger female hormone estrogen levels are dominating the women’s bodies than men, closely related to the immune system body. Researchers the Imperial College School of Medicine in London also found that women at all ages have a number of T cells larger than males. T cells are white blood cells that fight infection in charge. It also might be the reason why many women are living longer.

    Women do detox quicker body of men and women differ in digesting the drugs consumed. The good news is, women tend to do the cleaning of the residues of these drugs more quickly, especially during and whenever women get menstrual During that period, hormone cycles have accelerated so that the body had the opportunity to do a detox and remove toxins through the blood of menstruation.

    Women digest food more old This is the reason why women – in fact – more hungry than men is not easy, that is because the food takes longer to pass through the digestive tract of women. This causes a man hungry faster and tend to eat larger portions.

    Women are actually more powerful far, we think men are always stronger than women but women were actually more powerful. A report entitled The Fragile Male, published in the British Medical Journal, made ​​the conclusion that men are more fragile than women. The author of this report refers to the high rate of male fetal deaths in utero, the rate of growth and behavioral deviations are higher, some deadly disease is higher in men as well as several other factors.



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