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    Default Natural Remedies For Underarm Odor

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    Most women suffer from underarm odor even after taking bath everyday. Today, we shall discuss on the few natural remedies to eliminate the underarm odor. Take a look.

    The bad odor in the underarms is mainly due to sweat so cutting down on excess sweat may be a reasonable solution to the problem. Application of a good talcum powder, scented deodorants and perfumes may prevent bad odor upto an extent but none of the products can eliminate it completely. But know some natural remedies that will gradually reduce the underarm odor problem.

    Natural Remedies For Underarm Odor -

    1. The sweat in the underarms is sticky and doesn't get evaporated even when it is exposed to the air. Rinsing underarms with lemon water can reduce the odor.

    2. After you have bath, clean your armpits with white vinegar and sandalwood powder/oil mixture. This will deodorize the area.

    3. Apple cider vinegar reduces the acidic levels in the area. Absorbs moisture and works like an anti bacterial solution.

    4. Baking soda is also a good natural remedy to eliminate underarms odor. Dab some soda on the pits to absorb the moisture.

    5. A few drops of glycerine, rose water, jasmine oil and rosemary can also be added to keep the armpits odor free.

    6. Drinking lots of water and herbal tea can detox the body and keep the body odor free.

    Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, herbs and avoid junk foods to keep your body fresh and odor free. Prefer wheat grass juice everyday.



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