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    Default Do mobile phones cause cancer?

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    Who could get by without their mobile phone these days? We use them to talk wherever and whenever. They are our electronic diaries. We even check our emails and surf the net with them. But this modern day reliance on our mobile phones has left many wondering: could mobile phone use increase our risk of brain cancer?
    This topic has been a recent subject of controversy and heated debate. With an ever-increasing number of mobile phone users across the globe, this is a socially critical issue. It’s also a fair enough question considering that mobile phones transmit radiofrequency electromagnetic energy (RFE) – and that this energy is largely absorbed by the brain near to where the phone is held.
    However, it is important to note that RFE is a form of non-ionising radiation, and is different from potentially harmful ionising radiation (which is used in x-rays and radiotherapy treatment for cancer).
    The Interphone study, published in May 2010, showed no evidence for a link between regular mobile phone use and either glioma or meningioma (two of the most common types of brain cancer). There was, however, a possible increased risk of glioma for users with a high level of use (30 minutes a day or more) – and this finding has prompted the World Health Organisation (WHO) to add mobile phones to their list of possible causes of cancer.
    According to Dr Andrew Penman, CEO of Cancer Council NSW, more research is required to adequately determine the longer-term effects of mobile phone use. While this issue continues to be investigated, most experts would agree that it is better to err on the side of caution and minimise exposure.
    In this regard, Dr Penman recommends that we use our mobile phones as little as practicable, use a landline where applicable, and consider using a hands-free set – or text – where possible.

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