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    Default How To Improve Blood Circulation Naturally

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    Healthy diet plan. A healthy diet helps to promote blood circulation naturally throughout the body.You should try eating a lot of vegetables (such as green, leafy ones), plenty of fruit, whole grains and fish and poultry (in small portions). Be sure to limit your sugar, alcohol, sodium and caffeine intake and reduce the amount of refined white products (such as pasta) that you eat.
    Increase Water Intake. Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. You may need to drink more water if you are pregnant, physically active or a larger sized person. Water is good for the body and it is also a key component in improving blood circulation.
    Use Lemonade. Lemonade is good for the body because it contains the ingredient “citrate,” which is good for blood circulation. Be sure to use real lemon juice in your lemonade.
    Physical activities. Physical movement and exercising is really important for blood circulation. Regular physical activities can keep the heart pumping and working properly and it helps the blood to keep moving and flowing smoothly. Some good examples of physical activities include walking, running, swimming, dancing and aerobics.
    Heat Therapies. Try using hot packs or castor oil packs, hot water bottles or electric heating pads to relieve any cramping and pain in the body and to help with your blood circulation. Applying heat to your body can quickly stimulate blood circulation naturally throughout the body.
    Foot Massage on a regular basis.Visit a local spa or salon and have someone massage the reflex point on the bottom of each foot. This helps to increase blood flow to the various organs in your body.
    Take a multivitamin everyday. To ensure that your body is receiving enough vitamins and minerals, be sure to take an appropriate multivitamin each day.

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