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    Default Cure for diabetes

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    There are 2 home remedies for Diabetes. One is Ladies Finger and the other is Black Tea.

    BLACK TEA: --Due to high medication, the organ that is worst affected is the Kidney. It has been observed that Black Tea (tea without milk, sugar or lemon) is good for the Kidney. Hence a cup of black tea every morning is highly advisable.

    The Process:

    1. Boil water along with the tea leaves (any tea leaves will do).

    2. Drink the concoction without addingmilk, sugar or lemon.

    The Cure:

    Black Tea will help in enhancing the function of the kidney, thereby not affecting it more.


    Ladies finger is considered to be a good home medicine for diabetes.

    The Process:

    1. Slit the ladies finger into 2 halves vertically and soak it in water overnight.

    2. The next morning, remove the ladies fingers and drink the water, before eating your breakfast.

    The Cure:

    After the ladies fingers are soaked overnight in the water, you can observe that the water becomes sticky in the morning. This sticky water is considered to be good for people who suffer from Diabetes.
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