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    Default Coffee and Mental Illness

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    A study conducted by researchers Simon Jones, of Durham University in England stating that the person who took the caffeine equivalent to three cups of brewed coffee (or seven cups of instant coffee) are more likely to hallucinate. Heavy coffee drinkers have a tendency to three times more likely to hear voices and see things that have nothing compared with those who consumed the equivalent of half a cup of brewed coffee (or one cup of instant coffee).

    The symptoms of caffeine poisoning are listed in the DSM, including thinking and speech long, pounding heart (cardiac arrhythmia), muscle twitching, indigestion, insomnia, agitation (such as pacing the room or wringing one’s hands) and nervous .

    University of Chicago researchers also conducted tests to see how much caffeine can cause anxiety due to caffeine, and found that while the highest dose used in their study (450 mg) increased anxiety inmost subjects.

    Few things about Coffee
    1. Discovery- Coffee was discovered by goats
    One millennium ago, in the mountains of Africa, a herd of goats up all night after eating red beans. The shepherd examine why it happened and found that the cause is coffee. Since then people began to follow a cup of coffee.

    2.Toxic Dose- Caffeine can kill you
    Especially if you are very manic coffee, namely drinking 80-100 cups of coffee a day.

    3.Dekafein coffee also contains caffeine
    Although the term dekafein, aka caffeine free, coffee still contains caffeine. If we drink 10 cups of coffee dekafein, is tantamount to drinking one or two cups of caffeine coffee. So actually not without caffeine at all, but only with small doses only.

    4. Caffeine can reduce pain
    Moderate doses of coffee, equivalent to two cups of coffee, can relieve pain in muscles after exercise, according to a small study. But again this is only applicable for those who are not addicted to coffee.

    Coffee is beneficial for u as antioxidant only if u drink 1-2 cups of coffee in one day..
    So Enjoy ur Coffee..



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