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    Default Alcoholism kills two million people every year

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    More than two million people die every year in the world for causes related to alcoholism, according to a report of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

    The harmful consumption of alcohol is a worldwide problem and takes million of lives, including those of thousands of young people, warns a communiqu released by Ala Alwan, Assistant Director-General, Non-communicable Diseases and Mental Health.

    Alwan underlined that addiction is not only a causal factor of many diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, epilepsy, poisoning, colon-rectal, breast, larynx, liver cancer, but a precursor of violence and injuries. The document, entitled "The Global status report on alcohol and health", highlights that alcoholism is increasing in the planet.

    For example, in Russia, one out of five deaths is attributed to alcohol consumption, the highest rate, while Brazil, Kazakhstan, Mexico, South Africa and Ukraine show a dangerous increase. In May 2010, WHO agreed to decrease alcoholism rates by taking a series of steps as that of imposing higher taxes, restricting marketing and regulating the levels of alcohol in drivers. A few countries comply with these policies.



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