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    As someone of the female persuasion I must say that romance has taken a SERIOUS backseat. I really want to blame technology and how easy it makes everything. You can send flowers and attach an electronic note, you can send an email to let someone know you are thinking about them and you can even have an entire date over video chat. I am putting my foot down people, we have got to stop. We need to remember the gorgeous romantic gestures of our great grandparent’s generation. They really knew how to make a heart flutter and they enjoyed it, it was almost mandatory. Romance is not just for the birds (birds as in girls), guys can benefit and enjoy romantic gestures as well, and they damn well should. Everyone deserves to feel special and if you can’t think of some yourself here are a few romantic moves that might make someone’s day.

    Write an actual note, you know with a pen. You don’t have to write a novel or a poem, I’m saying romance here and it doesn’t have to be cheesy. In fact try and avoid cheesy, that is not the feeling we are going for, you want goose bumps not creepy chills. Write a line or 2 on a post it, a piece of old school lined paper or on a movie ticket. Can be anything you want, a little memory, a compliment or just a sweet gesture to have a great day. Notes are something people hang onto forever.

    Flowers. Yup, I just blew your mind with this original one. Long stemmed roses…cheesy. Bright beautiful mixed bouquet…romantic. Maybe there was even a time a favorite flower was mentioned and there is nothing better than picking a single flower on your way to a date or on your way to watch a movie, it just shows “I saw this flower, thought of you and picked it to tell you that”.

    Eating outside together sans all distractions. This is a very romantic way to share a meal, especially if you went the extra romantic step and cooked it!

    Bringing something unexpected at an unexpected time. Middle of the work week and you’re thinking about someone, you know they are sitting at their desk on hump day, tired and thinking about the weekend. You show up unexpected with 2 coffees to take outside for a break and sit and talk. I personally know this coffee surprise has tickled a close friend’s fancy, in fact she said it made her day!

    Picnic of any kind. I have a unique take on the outdoor picnic now that the weather is changing a little bit and we are going to be cozying up inside. It’s the bed picnic! Spread a big blanket out on your bed, light a candle or TWO (remember not to be cheesy) and get the fixings that you two like to share. A bottle of wine, cheese and crackers and anything else you would have at an outdoor picnic. You can plan to watch a movie or even just talk and listen to music. Hey and the date is starting in the bed, where do you think it will end?

    The ways you can surprise someone with romance are limitless, we are all different and feel special in different ways. The only thing it takes is a little effort and you can make someone you really care about or even love feel like you care. I could even make Effort its own romantic gesture because anytime you go out on a limb or think outside the box to make someone smile or feel good…THAT is romantic.
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