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    Default Are Prenuptials Necessary In These Time Before Marriage?

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    Many couples around the world now draw up prenuptial agreements in the event of a split due to the rising divorce rates.

    A prenuptial agreement before the marriage ensures that neither partner leaves with nothing, or that anything you, yourself buy or had before the marriage, stays yours.

    Alot of couples each have their own bank acounts, then a shared one for shared household bills etc.

    Some who have been divorced and have been bitten financially and lost everything, money, furniture the lot, are more cautious second time around.
    Would you ask your partner to sign prenuptials before marrying?
    If they refused would you still marry them?

    Millionaires lose their fortunes and too much is at stake which was owned before the marriage, sometimes leaving them homeless or penniless in the event of a break up.
    Celebrities are not the only ones entering into this agreement now though, its the everyday person as their afraid of taking the risk.
    Its for this reason too that many couples choose to live together rather than marry.
    ...being a human...

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