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    Default Nice girls like bad boys !!! Why ?

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    What is it that attracts nice girls to bad boys? Well of course, ‘nice’ is dull, and ‘bad’ spells excitement, mystery, adventure — the lure of the unknown. Opposites attract, true. Had it not been so, Beauty would have never fallen for the Beast in the popular fairytale. A good woman finds a bad guy as irresistible as children find a scary rollercoaster ride. Not only does he inhabit a world vastly different from hers but also his slick rendition of wellpractised compliments and flirtatious mannerisms rocks the very ground on which Miss Goody has been standing steady.
    The equation works out well; good girls are nurturers and have an innate need to give and benefit people and the world around. In the bad guy they find the eternal taker, the perfect subject for their need to reform and look after. A man on the other hand is attracted by a nice girl as an “unattainable” target that challenges all that is macho and wild within him! He loves a good chase and the trophy at the end of it!

    Bad guys, unlike the simple, nice ones, have exciting layers to them that a woman enjoys peeling off to discover hitherto undiscovered facets. The good guy is all there, the bad one awaits discovery. Normally the rake is smooth and at ease with his compliments, making a woman feel admired, sexy, exciting and wellloved. A woman’s sexuality is very dependent on the way she feels with a man, and if he can make her feel top of the world, even the most cautious woman can melt into a puddle of sensuality.
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