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    Default Learn how to kiss your beloved passionately

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    how to improve your kissing skills and what the rules for kissing on the first date.

    You can practice kissing

    You can practice kissing in many ways. The best way is by kissing yourself. Get in front of a mirror and observe yourself. Imagine the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in front of you and you have to kiss her for the first time. Observe your face and be careful not to pull any faces and not to stick your tongue out of your mouth. The tongue should remain tucked away for later action. It might not be good to close your eyes right when you start going in for the kiss because you have to see what she is doing. She might change her mind in between and move away from the kiss, while you push your lips who knows where. So, keep your eyes open so long that you are sure you know where you are going and that she is also sure of what you are doing. This advice isnít only for teenagers, but for every first kiss, even if you are an experienced kisser. These kinds of accidents happen quickly and they can really bruise your ego. The next step is to kiss your hand, or the back of it, to be precise. This will give you a taste of the kiss that she feels. Try how the tongue feels, its movements, texture, how much saliva you need, how you should move your lips. This will be an easy way to find out how good a lover you are. If you like yourself, chances are good she will like you as well.

    The rules of the first kiss

    Donít rush the first kiss. The first kiss shouldnít be fast or stolen. The first kiss helps us enter into the partnerís most intimate area, so taking it slow is the way to go. You can put your hands around her, but they shouldnít wander to other parts of the body. It might frighten her. The breasts, behind and her intimate parts are a bad choice. Put your hands on her back, around her shoulder, around the neck, slide your hands through her hair. One hand is always welcome on the head because it will make her feel safer, especially if you perform a more aggressive maneouvre. Also, donít control her or try to force her hand towards your mouth. If you feel she wants to back away, let her. You will get the opportunity next time, but if you are too aggressive, probably never again. There usually comes a moment when both forces, hers and yours, are synchronised and you both know that a kiss is coming. This feeling is similar to a magnetic force which unstoppably attracts your lips and hers. Before putting your lips together, calmly close your eyes and concentrate on the sensations her lips give you. Hold back with the tongue for now. Really. A French kiss is only an upgrade of a good kiss. Taste her lips and relax, soften your lips and go with the flow. When she is ready for your tongue, she will offer you hers. If she is shy, offer Ė donít stick it in Ė your tongue in her mouth and gently caress hers.

    Kiss her passionately

    Passion is the driving force behind a good kiss. Thatís why you should take it slowly and not go in with all your guns blazing. Emit gentle moans. They help with the passion and let her know you are enjoying the kissing. The amount of tongue, saliva, what figures you perform, doing eights, cleaning the gums, tickling the tonsils, counting the fillings, stimulating the salivary gland, looking for food Ė all of this matters and doesnít matter. If thereís no passion, a trick might work. The old trick of grabbing her, tilting her way back and kissing her deeply works for most girls. Suck all the air out of her and donít let her breathe. She will be dizzy and you will have swept her off her feet. She will open up and surrender to you instantly. When she gives you a passionate embrace, it is time to try to carefully grab some meat as well, but be gentle for a start. It is particularly good to hold back on the first date and show her that you have self-control and that it is not just about sexual intercourse. But also be careful of signs which tell you that she wants to go further. In those situations, kisses are of secondary importance.
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