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    Default Young Leaders Revolutionizing the World!

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    Gone are the days of the grey heads who were leading the nation. The times of dhoti and kurta, grey hair and stooping old men governing the nation are the thing of the past because for our current generation leaders, it’s much more than that!

    They have a vision for the new and modernized India which is different from their previous generation. After all, the generation gap has reigned in here as well! They are dynamic, young and energetic, highly qualified in their respective genres obtaining their degrees from some of the best universities overseas.

    So, here we see a group of leaders fresh in their approach, views and thoughts! They believe in bringing out a style which is unique in themselves…can you imagine snickers with kurta pajamas? Difficult but Rahul Gandhi has definitely set the trend in! More so, we have heard of talent hunts in the industry of entertainment and media. He took the road less traveled and organized one for the Congress Party where in he recruited young people from the crowd who actually wanted to bring about a change in the nation. I am sure some would have called it a publicity stunt but deep down it surely has brought some of the best minds of tomorrow.

    Other include Sachin Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia and not to forget Priyanka Gandhi who has been contributing in her own way. But it does not end here…if looked beyond the borders, there are many such examples.

    Off the recent ones include the British Prime Minister David Cameron who is in his early forties. If counted of all the British Prime Ministers in the last two hundred years, he is the youngest of them all.

    Similarly, the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev was all of forty two years of age when he took the oath. Needless to say, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is one of the youngest leaders of his nation. However, Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest President of the United States. He was all of forty two years and two months of age when he took charge of the oval office.

    Above all, not to forget is our very own Rajiv Gandhi who just forty when he took charge in those difficult times.

    These young leaders have a charm and charisma of their own which is accompanied by their fresh thoughts and opinions which is favored by the current generation of a nation. This is especially true for a country like India where in there is a vast diversity when it comes to its people. After all, the zest and zeal in their attitude would surely bring about the necessary change in the near future!



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