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    Default How to impress a gal..and a guy...

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    How To Impress.. A Woman?
    Compliment her,
    Cuddle her,
    Kiss her,
    Caress her,
    Love her,
    Stroke her,
    Tease her,
    Comfort her,
    Protect her,
    Hug her,
    Hold her,
    Spend money on her,
    Wine & dine her,
    Buy things for her,
    Dance with her,
    Listen to her,
    Care for her,
    Stand by her,
    Support her,
    Go to the ends of the earth for her

    How To Impress.. A Man?
    Just give a sweet smile smile.
    ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Am I wrong????
    Its a fact

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    thats soo wrong

    a girL have to look nice & impress their friends ......
    and a man dont want only one woman in his life
    he needs every year/month/week/day a new one

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    I am Brown so ARe you DOwN?
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    lol tru
    sorry dude .... Hash



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