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Thread: girlzz vs boyzz

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    Talking girlzz vs boyzz

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    Girls are better than boys.
    No! Boys are better than girls!
    Different people like different things.

    Boys are better at football,
    But Alama plays a fandabidoda game of football!

    Girls are better at dance
    But Jake spins on his head and does a fantastic flip!

    Boys like eating sweets
    But Erin likes sucking rock-hard boilers!

    Girl like pretty horses,
    But JT just loves bucking broncos!

    Girls like mythical beasts
    But Jake likes dirty dragons.

    Boys are better at basketball
    But Miss Hayton plays a mean one on one

    Girls are better at tennis
    But Joel scored a mean ace

    Boys are better at jokes
    But Akilah told a joke and someone actually laughed!

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