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    Default Boys work hard to look like they don't care

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    It takes a lot more effort to get that "I-don't-care" look than teen and tween boys let on.

    Disney Channel Worldwide noticed it when courting teen boys with it's just-launched network Disney HD -- the boys they studied noticed whether pants were slim-leg or boot-cut, and if T-shirts tout the right extreme sport.

    "As much as kids like to be 'individual,' there's a conformity among the group they're in," says the show's costume designer Shelley Mansell of Disney HD's "Aaron Stone." "For boys, there's an eternal search for the best jeans, coolest T-shirt and best pair of sneakers they can find."

    That attention to detail makes teen and tween boys just as fashion-conscious as the girls their age, and retailers are tapping into that market by creating a studied casual look.

    Moise Emquies, founder of Mo Industries which includes the labels Ella Moss and Splendid, recently launched a boys collection called Splendid Mills JR based on the success of its hipster menswear collection.

    Meanwhile, mass retailer The Children's Place has put an increased emphasis on "fashion" for boys, even adding pink to its upcoming offerings, because boys -- just like everyone else -- seem to have an appetite for what's trendy, says A.K. LaMonica, senior director of apparel.

    "Boys are more complex than entertainment companies have given them credit for," says Kelly Pena, vice president of Disney Channel Worldwide brand research, who interviewed, watched and tracked preferences
    of boys around the globe for 18 months. "They are highly influenced by what their friends like, what their older brothers like, athletes and role models.

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