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    Cool Unclog your pores

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    Starting off on a greasy surface is never wise, is it? Cleansing gets rid of the topmost layer of your skinís natural oils, whatever make up you may have on, and whatever grime can get cleaned off that easily.
    2. Then comes the steaming. What steam does (and I think most of us here know this) is loosen your skin and open out your pores, making it easier to fish out all the nasty stuff.
    3. Nowís the hardest part Ė the actual fishing out. The experts have a variety of tools that help them extract blackheads, whiteheads and pimples that they generally wield with some ferocity. So be prepared to flinch your way through, and berate yourself if youíve let all those blackheads accumulate on your nose.
    4. After all that, your face needs to relax and be soothed. Most professionals will use some sort of moisturising product or face pack and gently massage your face to get it feeling normal again.
    5. An essential ingredient of the clean up is the icing of the face; leaving your pores wide open will spell disaster. So, just like steam opens up the babies, ice or ice water seals them tight, preventing a quick re-entry of the enemy.



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