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    Default Types of Friends a Girl Must Have!

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    Here is the first type of friends a girl must have: Someone who is your sister and your soul mate, someone who understands you more than yourself and someone, who is always there with you whenever you need her! Your deepest secrets are store in her stomach with extreme safety and she is the one whom you can regard as your true companion when every one leaves your hand in the moment of misery! Yes, she is the one!

    Here the second most loved friend you must have: A Fashionista! She is always updated with the latest trends of the fashion industry and hence serves as a great source of updating your life too, when it comes to trendy outfits and what fits you the best. She will inform you, whether you need to lose weight or gain it, whether you need to go to a gym or do yoga! With her around, you can never go wrong with your dressing sense.

    The gossip lover: She would acquaint you with everything which is happening in the world around you, when you yourself were busy in your own little world. She knows who is having affair with whom, who are the love birds in the office, which neighbor is doing *****ing about whom and the list is endless…

    The money bank: you know you can rely upon this friend, when you are all broke (be it financially or you need a back up for your future plans). You know this girl is there to provide you the financial stability you need in life, when ever required (but that does not mean, you are using her) No! We have called her a “friend,” so, no point in using her!

    The intelligent/genius: you must have a girl friend, who is smart, intelligent and practical enough to give you the right advice in every matter. She knows about everything, be it football, politics, cricket, movies, work, what is happening in the world, and EVERYTHING! She would never deviate from the topic and offer you the smartest advice in the world (be it matter related to your love life, making investments for future or any other issue). In short, she is the DUDE of your group!

    The real Foodie: She knows every possible and best eat out in the city. So, in order to fulfill your cravings for food and give you the best time out, this is the friend to look up to!
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