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    1) Keep daytime make up as natural looking as possible. There’s a time and a place for dramatic, smoky eyes or bright lips and it isn’t on the school run or in the office. Natural looking makeup looks far more flattering during the day, so unless you’re on a photo shoot remember this rule.

    2) Never wear dramatic eye and lip makeup together. This is a great tip so take heed. Before you apply evening makeup decide which feature you are going to focus on. If you go for eyes then keep lips a neutral colour and seal with some gloss. If you decide that you’re going for pillar box red lipstick then tone down the eyes with a neutral tone, a slick of mascara and maybe a little complimentary eyeliner.
    3) Always match your foundation to your skin tone. Take time over this and test for colour match on your face whenever possible rather than your hand or wrist. Always blend well, paying particular attention to the area where your jaw meets the neck. Also double check for give away signs around your brows or hairline.

    4) Stick with colors that suit you. Don’t be tempted to spontaneously try a new bright shadow or liner unless you are positive that the colour flatters your eyes and skin tone. Some eye colors just can’t pull off certain colours. Try shades of blue/green with brown eyes, browns with blue eyes or purples/golds with green eyes to start and work from there.
    5) Invest in the right tools. Buy some good quality makeup brushes and sponges, it can make a huge difference to the finish of your makeup.
    6) Try a little white eyeliner on the inner lower lids if you’re off for a night on the town and feeling weary. It will really open up your eyes.
    7) Keep a lipsalve or gloss and a concealer handy. These two products are fab for touch ups when you’re out and about.
    8) For long wearing lip colour blot your lipstick after the first application, dust with powder and reapply.
    9) Keep shimmer to a minimum if your skin is starting to show signs of aging, it can really sit in fine lines and wrinkles and ends up highlighting them.
    10) Always remove your makeup before bed. Yes, even if it’s mineral makeup, your skin needs to breathe. Be rigid about your evening beauty routine and always cleanse your skin and apply a suitable moisturizer before you go to bed.
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