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    You want to look good no matter where you are? Rough it out by all means, but make sure you do it in style! Carrying some basic make-up along maybe a good idea. Pack them all into a small ziplock bag and head out. Only go through this checklist to know what to pack and how to use the stuff.


    It's advisable to pack in one of the two. You never know when a dreaded pimple, or a blemish will pop up.

    Contour eyeshadow

    It can serve different purposes. A rich, neutral brown shadow can substitute for an eyebrow pencil. It can also be used as an eyeliner. Dip your liner brush in water, then into the shadow and apply it as a liner. Water blended with the shadow creates an intense colour.


    Kohl can give a clean, sharp look for the day. It looks even better just by itself (when not used with any other eye make-up). You can transform your day make-up to a smoky look for an evening out.

    Cream blush

    It's a multipurpose make-up item that can be also be used as a base for your eyeshadow, or for some colour on your lips.


    These are as versatile as contour shadows. Pick a lipstick that's neutral and earthy in tone from the light brown, peach, or mauve family and apply lightly on your cheeks. Pass them off as a gorgeous cheek colour. A neutral lipstick shade when applied to the base of the eye can act as a base shadow colour. Set it with a bit of powder to avoid excessive creasing.


    Do not forget this item. The look it creates cannot be replicated by any other cosmetic.

    Make-up for sun kissed beaches

    # Slather on moisturiser that's fortified with Vitamin E in addition to sunscreen. Salt water and sunlight can dry the skin, and a sunscreen alone can't help.

    # Use a foundation with a sheer, luminous, waterproof coverage. Apply only where needed.around your eyes and over the apples of your cheeks. This will give you coverage without looking overtly made-up.

    # Try using a cheek stain to give a hint of colour without overdoing it. Your cheeks should look natural. Of course, waterproof is the way to go here too.

    # Choose light shades for your eyes. If the colours have a subtle shimmer, they could catch the sun and give your eyes a new dimension.

    # Opt for a water-resistant, charcoal or dark-brown eyeliner; apply it thin and close to the lash line.

    # A sheer, shimmery lip tint with an SPF of 15 or more can give your lips a great sheen. Hot tip for a night out Experiment with your shadow and add extra shimmer on the exposed parts.

    Make-up for the hills

    # Apply a rich moisturiser that has added sunscreen. You could get sunburnt at high altitudes too.

    # Go for a luminous, sheer, waterproof coverage.

    # Use light eye shadows during the day. A dash of mascara and a thin stroke of a dark liner should do the trick without looking overdone.

    # Try a light, rose cheek stain. You're going to have a natural flush from the cold and the physical exercise going up and down the slopes anyway.

    # Apply tinted lip balm to protect your lips; the most exposed part of the face in the biting cold. Look for fun shades with a high SPF


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