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    Your face gives away everything about a person. Not only does your expression disclose your thoughts, but the shape of your face tells people about you. When you gain weight, it almost immediately becomes evident first in your face.

    Not everyone wants cherub cheeks or a double chin. In order to lose weight in your face you need to condition your entire body. But here are some exercises you can incorporate into your weight loss routine that will target the face.

    To tighten the skin around your eyes, lightly close your eyes. Roll your eyes up and down ten times. Another exercise is to close your eyes and raise your eyebrows. Focus on stretching your eyelids and hold the position. Do this five times. Next, while keeping your eyes open raise them up and down, left and right while not moving your head. Do each exercise ten times.

    While lying on your back on the bed, let your head dangle upside-down off the bed. Raise and lower your eyebrows ten times.
    Now sit up and furrow your eyebrows downwards while crinkling your nose. Hold, relax and repeat five times. Stick your tongue out. Gently place your fingers on your cheeks and pull them back. To work your chin, stick out your bottom lip and try to raise it up over your top lip. This next one is a bit tricky. While smiling wide, use your tongue to reach the tip of your nose.

    While proper diet and overall body conditioning is your best bet for reducing the amount of weight in your face, these exercises can provide additional help. Your new, slim face will now tell people who see you that you value your health and fitness and are proud to hold your head high.


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