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    Default Is Marriage A Necessity These Days?

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    These days we can see many people who are still unmarried, while they are in their forties. One of the main reasons why the institution of marriage is under threat is the increase in the Live-in Relationships. A live in relationships is a situation in which a guy and a girl live together under one roof. They live the married life without having the marriage.

    Basically a marriage is a commitment which brings the responsibility. If you are unable to take this responsibility, then you are not supposed to get marry. If you will ask me why marriage is required then I can reply you these requirements:

    The very first necessity of getting married is children. If you need children then you wonít like them to be born out of wedlock. Even at this time the society did not like the children of unmarried parents. So marriage is required if you want to build your own family and raise children.

    The second reason is once again the society. How much ever the society is advanced, after a certain age they donít treat well the unmarried girls. This tendency of the society brings the pressure on the girls.

    Also marriage provides you the stability and the security. But the increase in the trends of the live in relationships has provided the options to those guys and girls who donít want to take the responsibility which comes after the marriage. Thus they live with their partner without having a religious or a legal marriage. That is why the trends of the live in relationships is getting more and more popularity among youths.
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