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    Lightbulb Are Indians too critical of Weight?

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    It seems in Bollywood and India, thin is always in and heralded. But, Are Indian Audiences too Critical of Bollywood Heriones ? OR even Heroes for that matter?

    When Govinda gained weight he was written off. Same with Shilpa Shrodikar and others. When actresses like Rani and Kareena lose weight we appluad them fully.

    Here is a picture of Beyonce performing Single Ladies at the MTV VMA 2009. Now Beyonce is definitly not an anorexic woman to say the least. Those Legs are definitly not like Bebo's Pencil thin ones.

    The American audience has accepted Beyonce for her fuller frame. But would our Indian audience accept a herione with this kind of Body. Wouldn't critics right her Off?

    What do you think?

    Are Indian Audiences too Critical of Weight when it comes to Bollywood and it's heriones?



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