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    Default Things That Every Girl Should Do At least one In Her life!!

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    You just have one life, so make it large! All you girls out there, here are some of the must-do things you all must try once in a lifetime!!! Trust me, you don’t want to regret on these things later on! Here goes my list:

    •LOVE: Love unconditionally no matter what others are up to! This is one of the true blessings of god! Love people around you and you will realize what serene feeling it gives you!

    •Break the Rules: Hey, rules are meant to be broken. Just break the hierarchy, come out of the monotony and do something that you love to do, even if it requires breaking the rules once in a while. Why think about others yaar! Just go for it!

    •Laugh till you drop: Have you even witnessed tears rolling out of your eyes after continuous laughing??? This is one of the best moments one could have!

    •Help People: We help our near and dear ones but why not help a stranger once! It will really feel good!

    •Enough of seeking company from others while traveling…
    Enough of waiting the nod of your spouse or family members and wait for their dates to book a ticket. Just manage your schedule, look into your itinerary, find the available dates for yourself and head on towards your favorite destination! And trust me, you don’t have to listen to the continuous instructions of ANYONE on this trip! Enjoy girl, you are all alllllllllllllllllone! O0

    •Go for an adventurous exercise: Be it skydiving, parasailing, bungee jumping or no matter what! Just feel your adrenal rush and cherish this up-beating heartbeat throughout your life.

    •Take risks in life: Till the time you don’t take risks, how will you realize what is in store for you! Right girls?

    •Have a role model in life and make a point that you meet him once in your life! I have one and I am waiting to meet him too! Let us see when this wait ends!

    •Ride a Motorcycle: Girls love to sit on the back side of a motorcycle and have fun with their guys! But why not think out of the box and ride one! The feeling of holding the handles, changing one gear to another and speeding up just can NOT be defined in words!

    •Be a Guy! Enough of those feminine clothes! Why not be tomboyish for a day! Tuck you shirt, wear canvas shoes and a perfect fitted jeans and you are done for the day! And I will NOT mind playing cricket with boys too!

    •Pamper yourself:
    Treat yourself like a princess. Cuddle yourself, go for a spa, luxurious massages, facial sessions followed by eating your favorite brownie. Just binge into all of them!

    •Enough of Listening to Others while Driving: I know how irritated we girls feel when we are taught which gear to use and when to apply breaks when we are driving. Ample of listening to others now! Let your friends sit with you and go for a wild drive without telling others!

    Date someone older than you! I won’t write much here, just experience it yourself! (The kind of experience you will get in this affair could NOT be witnessed anywhere else)

    •Live by yourself and be proud of who you are! Know how fortunate you are that god has given you this wonderful life…

    •Think out of the box and do something scary with your looks (My suggestion: Let the mirror break seeing your sight!) In other words, EXPERIMENT!

    •Dig into your favorite food without limits! Don’t think much about the calories or the fat content girls! Just dig hard and really hard!!!
    ...being a human...



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