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    Default Bridal Jewellery Sets

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    Rs. 13,675.00

    Rs. 20,225.00

    Rs. 17,225.00

    Rs. 13,925.00

    Rs. 19,025.00

    Rs. 19,425.00

    Rs. 21,575.00

    Rs. 15,275.00

    Rs. 15,625.00

    Rs. 12,750.00

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    Nice jewelry!!!
    Thanks for sharing this collection!

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    hm nice jewelry sets but these designs are not latest .girls like lite jewelry but designs change according to time. these days jewelry is very expensive that's why everyone want latest an affordable sets. these design are expensive .
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    These bridal jewellery sets are looks very nice. And it is very good that you put the prices with each set that is helpful a person to select anyone.
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    Beautiful collection of jewelery sets, in these items the girls are looking very traditional and attractively. Those all are eye catching things, these are perfectly suits for the new bridals. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful items with us. I like the second model very much.
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