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    Default beach hippie hairstyle

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    Time it took us: 2 minutes

    Works on:
    Medium or long hair
    Unwashed, dry, slept-on hair

    Stuff to have handy:
    Large bobby pins
    1-inch curling iron
    Shine spray
    Light-hold hairspray

    How to:
    Step 1
    Flip hair over and lightly spritz hairspray on underside. Flip upright and spray on the top. Finger-tousle as it dries.
    Step 2
    Gather your bang-hair area and bobby-pin it out of the way so you can style the rest of your hair first.
    Step 3
    Curl 1-inch sections (away from your face). Start wrapping your hair around the iron at ear level, not above. And leave your ends out of the curling iron.
    Step 4
    Unpin the bang section and curl as you did the rest of your hair.
    Step 5
    Insert spread fingers into hair at the nape of your neck. Shake your hair (but do not run fingers through) to make the curls messy.
    Step 6
    Now pin back a piece of hair on each side of your part. (Remember, messy = good.) Secure them together with a bobby pin and mist with shine spray.

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    will try it nd say u hw it look like ^^
    nyway thnks fr pasting ^^

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    thanks 4 sharing
    whn miss dior said tht she will try it
    thn she will try it on me
    so will see how i look lol

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    i tried it yesterday......and it did come out good.......



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