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    Default Barbie Doll is now 52 years old...

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    Founded 1959
    Birthday March 9, 1959
    About In a Relationship
    Biography Iím a modern doll with a classic sensibility. Iíve had over 125 careers and truly believe that if you can dream it, you can be it. Iíve traveled to the moon and multiple Fashion Weeks, been featured on the silver screen and the Twitter homepage, experienced both a highly publicized break-up AND reunion.

    Inside the Dream House, things are about the same Ė besides all the new gadgets Iíve picked up as a Computer Engineer. Youíll find pink heels lined up in neat rows and framed pictures of all my favorite dolls, including Skipper, Stacie, ChelseaÖ and of course my boyfriend Ken.

    Speaking of Ken, itís thanks to all my friends on Facebook and Twitter that weíre together again! We reunited on Valentineís Day 2011 Ė so romantic, huh? As I thought over my feelings for Ken, you were all such a doll-tastic support system from start to finish. And since weíre sharing this page now, he wants to say hi:

    Hi guys! Iím so happy to be back with my one and only doll. We may be plastic, but our love is real! Barbie and I are looking forward to a great year together. Iíll jump in here to say hey every now and then, and youíll see my posts signed with ď- Ken.Ē

    Gender Female
    Personal Information
    I love my a-mazing family, my sweet boyfriend Ken, and all of you fab dolls.
    Personal Interests
    Glamping (glam-camping), Dining out, Volunteering, Aerobics, Performing arts, Museums and ConcertsÖ and fashion, of course!


    Different styles of BARBIE doll'



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