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    Default Anti-Ageing Beauty Tips

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    Whether youíre off on a beach holiday or staying at home, sun, sea and humidity can have a bad impact on your skin and hair Ė but with our expert tips youíll look and feel great all summer
    Skin Essentials
    1. When you get back from a day on the beach, use a good moisturiser to combat the ing effects of the sun and sea and give your skin a boost with antioxidants. Choose products that contain retinol, as it helps reverse the effects of sun damage.

    2. Just because itís summer, donít forgo your skincare routine. Look out for beauty serum. This helps restore the skinís structure, improving even deeper wrinkles by up to a staggering 50 per cent, with regular use over four weeks.

    3. To avoid overloading your skin, which can clog pores, use an antioxidant serum under sunscreen.

    4. The delicate eye area can be easily damaged by the sun, especially when light reflects off metal-rimmed glasses. Wear large sunglasses that have dark plastic frames. These will not only look ultra-glamorous, but will also help protect the skin around your eyes and cheekbones. This also helps guard against pigmentation problems caused as a result of overexposure to the sun.

    5. Keep any natural face freshner spray (like Sandalwood water or rose water) to hand so you can spritz and refresh your skin and make-up when the heat gets too much. It will also help keep skin hydrated and pores clean. Use before topping up your sunscreen.

    Foot Fancy
    6. Thereís no point in buying gorgeous flats and peep-toe sandals for summer if your toes arenít in top condition. A good medical pedicure will transform your feet, taking years off them.

    7. At home, file your feet once a week when they are . If your feet are wet, you canít see which areas to target or if youíve got rid of all the dead skin.

    . You should always use a base coat when painting your toenails, as this prevents them from becoming discoloured. Then apply two coats of colour and follow with a glossy top coat which contains UV filters to protect your nails and stop the colour fading.

    9. Donít forget to protect your hands as they are very vulnerable to sun exposure Ė and remember, UV light can penetrate glass, even when youíre driving. Keep them protected and hydrated using a handcream with SPF 15 or higher. Apply a thick layer to your hands every night before going to bed and, after a couple of weeks, you really will notice a difference.
    Healthy, Happy Hair
    . Go for a relaxed hairstyle for summer, as this will soften your face and take years off you. A side fringe that can be styled or left to naturally is very flattering. Soft layers work well for women over 35. Keep them long and graduated into a longer length at the back to keep your look modern and fresh.

    . Your hair dries out quicker when itís hot, so use an ultra-moisturising shampoo. Rich in proteins, aloe vera and lemongrass, it gives hair a glossy, healthy look.

    12. Recreate the sun-kissed look with some subtle face-framing highlights. A complementary tone will reflect light and make your skin glow. A good colourist can tell you if you are on the cool (creamy, vanilla, pearl tones) or warm (gold, honey, caramel) spectrum.

    Sexy Summer Make-up
    13. Summer is the time to lighten up your look. Skin mineral make-up, has SPF 15 and will give a sheer, glowing finish.

    14. For an even more understated style, opt for a tinted SPF moisturiser with vitamins A and E to condition and protect.Itís an ideal choice for sensitive skin.

    15. Your skin loses hydration as you age, so to make it appear more youthful, you must bring back the glow. The key is to keep your complexion illuminated. A highlighting cream, applied underneath tinted moisturiser, will moisturise and add a subtle sheen.

    16. Use bronzer on the areas that catch the sun. A good tan should highlight and contour your face, not flatten it, so avoid the one-shade-all-over look.

    17. To get a healthy flush, accentuate your cheekbones. Use dusky pink colour that adds a slightly iridescent warmth. Or use a cream blush to add radiance.

    1. Define and emphasise your eyes by applying mascara, but only on your top lashes. Mascara on the lower lashes can make your face appear drawn. And when youíre going on holiday, make sure you pack a great waterproof mascara.

    19. Vivid colours look really effective with a tan. The beach is the place to try something a little more daring. A slick of long-wearing eye liner in cooper or aqua will add a dramatic touch without looking as if youíre trying too hard
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