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    Default 5 fantastic wedding hairstyles for modern brides 2011

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    To choose the perfect hairstyle for the big day can be both fantastic and exciting or, the exact opposite, it can make you frightened.
    romona-keveza-bridal-hairstyle-and-dress-2010 The purpose of this article is to reveal 5 sexy hairstyles from which you can choose the perfect one for your wedding day. They can be adapted to complement each woman’s’ features, you just need a little bit of imagination and the curiosity to try them, maybe something like a “special day” dedicated to try out the hairstyles, see which one fits you best. Trends for 2010 embrace the need for reinvention and spectacular hairstyling for that special day.

    1. Imperfect, relaxed hairstyle

    The first pick is the relaxed, classic version of a brides’ hairstyle. The imperfect style creates a special contrast with the elegant dress you are about to wear. Once brides demand perfection in all aspects, why not offer yourself some relaxation when it comes to hairdo. You can choose from a sexy twisted bun or a French twist, or, why not, just add some accessories.

    2. Old glamour
    Getting inspired by old Hollywood movies is the best thing to do if you want to achieve the most elegant look, retro and glamour hairstyle. For instance, Romona Keveza got inspired for her collection by Audrey Hepburn dresses and hairstyles. Why not steal some ideas?!

    3. French twist
    Carolina Herrera is the inspiration guide for this kind of hairstyle, she uses as own muse, Van Gogh paintings and her models wear these fantastic angelic make-up and french inspiration hairstyles.
    Also, you may turn to incredible elegant hair accessories, crystal hair pins or elegant flowers.

    4. The up-do bun
    A French twist style updated look, with a retro look, but rebuilt in a modern form, as we have seen from Amsale. The whole idea is to lift the bun on the top of your head. You will need a lot of hairspray to make it stay still and it may be a little uncomfortable.

    5. Big volume hairstyle, just on top of your head
    A modern look, yet classic with an traditional accent, perfect for a clean look. Noted in the presentation signed by Priscilla of Boston, this look is ideal for creating the desired length, so it is ideal for brides with a smaller face.



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