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    Talking 'Yeah, I copied Mr Bachchan'

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    'Yeah, I copied Mr Bachchan'
    by Subhash K Jha

    Govinda is very excited about getting together with David Dhawan and producer Vashu Bhagnani again.

    "We've created quite a dhamaal in the past with Hero No 1 and Coolie No 1. We'll definitely be creating a full-on entertainment again. Yes, it'll be a comedy. I'll try my level-best that we come back with a film that will do justice to all three of us

    Govinda says he owes his entire comeback to David Dhawan. "It's something I learnt from Mr Bachchan. When he needed to make a comeback called Mr Yash Chopra for Mohabbatein.Similarly when I needed to come back I rang up David and he gave me Partner."

    Govinda has no qualms in admitting he was influenced by the Big B. "Yeah, I copied Mr Bachchan. I'm not anything like Mr Bachchan. But why shouldn't I copy a man as great as him?

    If he could reach out to a filmmaker, why couldn't I? David is such a big man. One call to him and my career was re-made. Today if he asks me to do another film with him I don't even need to think about him I'd do it blindly."

    Govinda has never been more charged about his career. "I don't really care what people say about me. All I know is, I'm doing my work with sincerity. And I've become very punctual. I reach my sets on time.

    I'm not here to create any problems for anyone. If I'm doing my work quietly, why are some people getting troubled by it? But I'm not going to get rattled. Main chupkese apna kaam kar raha hoon.

    I don't regret anything, not even my entry into politics. I respect politicians because there're doing their jobs very efficiently. But the fame and fortune I've got has come through Mata Saraswati my art (movies). No one has the right to eye my career and try to ruin it."

    Adds Govinda's Money Hai To Honey Hai producer Kumar Mangat. "A miracle happened during the shooting. We finished Govindaji's work in 60 days when we had reserved his dates for 85 days.

    In Mauritius where we shot most of the film Govinda was the first of the cast to be awake. In fact he'd wake me up and we'd have our morning chai together.

    I remember we had to shoot at a discotheque in Mauritius. We had to reach at 8 am and all we saw were the janitors at work. That's how punctual Govinda has become."

    In fact Kumar Mangat is planning another film with Govinda this year. "He's a pleasure to work with," says the producer.



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