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    Default Xi3 ChromiumPC: World's first Chrome OS desktop PC

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    Over in San Fran, at the recent Google I/O conference, the prospect of a Chrome OS-powered desktop was mentioned although the concrete hardware launches were confined to Samsung and Acer notebooks.

    But now Pocket-lint has received word from Xi3 Corporation about its ChromiumPC modular computer - "the world's first desktop computer running Google's Chrome operating system".

    The cube shaped desktop is based on the Xi3 architecture, which has support for any x86 platforms. The aluminium machine houses three interconnected boards (or modules) labelled: The Processor Module (CPU and RAM), The Primary I/O Module (external ports) and The Secondary I/O Module (Ethernet, video and power).

    There are no details yet as to which hardware will make up this trio of modules, although we know that the system will be hitting shops on 4 July (price TBC).

    "Since the Xi3 Computer Architecture allows owners of the Xi3 Modular Computer to declare their independence from the built-in obsolescence of other computers, we felt that American Independence Day would be a great day to begin selling the 5 Series model of the Xi3 Modular Computer.

    "Although we've been promoting, discussing and working on modular computers for some time, we feel the market is now ready for a desktop computer with a cloud-based operating system like the one offered by Google. If someone chooses to switch their ChromiumPC to run a different operating system, it's as easy as swapping out one of the three boards inside the computer."

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