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    Default The Great Wall of China is "Crumbling Down"..

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    The remarkable Great Wall of China is famous for being one of the largest man-made structures in the world, stretching as long as 1500 miles from end to end. Unfortunately, the Great Wall is now experiencing massive destruction.

    Chinese emperor Shi Huang Ti is given credit for inciting the construction of the Great Wall to protect China from the northern Mongol tribes. Some of the walls were already in existence, so Shi Huang Ti ordered for all the walls to be connected, with more than 60 watchtowers located in between them. The walls surrounded and barricaded the empire, as seen in the picture below

    Today, different sections of the Great Wall are falling to pieces and are already crumbling. It is reported that only one third of the whole Great Wall is still standing, and the remaining two-thirds are on their way to demise.

    Both Mother Nature and humans are responsible for the ongoing ruin of the Great Wall. While many sections of the Great Wall are made of bricks, some sections are built with earth and mud, making them susceptible to erosion and sandstorms, especially in the drier northern area of China.

    Especially in the province of Gansu where the Silk Road once was, a 25-mile-long section of the Wall is already flattened down. What once were walls rising on an average of 20 feet are now down to under 7 feet.
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    y dont they try to renew it

    Ɩ σиcɛ нα∂ α нɛαят...
    ιт ωαƨ тяʋɛ...
    иσω ιт'ƨ ɢσиɛ ғяσм мɛ тσ ʏσʋ...
    ƨσ тακɛ cαяɛ σғ ιт...
    αƨ Ɩ нαʌɛ ∂σиɛ...
    иσω ʏσʋ нαʌɛ тωσ αи∂ Ɩ нαʌɛ иσиɛ.



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