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    Talking Vivek joins Saif and Kareena!

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    Vivek joins Saif and Kareena!
    By Subhash K Jha

    Rensel d'Silva who wrote what's unarguably one of the finest screenplays of this millennium is all set to direct his first feature film.

    The Rang De Basanti (RDB) writer turns director with a film to be produced by Karan Johar. It will star Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Viveik Oberoi?the Omkara trio!

    Exults the shy writer, "Strangely these were the names on my wish list. And they all said yes. I was lucky. I can't think of any other three actors for the parts.

    It was Karan Johar who had a germ of a idea. I developed it. He's given me a completely free hand. Sometimes I get frightened by the trust he has placed in me.

    It's a romantic thriller in the truest sense. We don't have a title for it. We're looking desperately for a title."

    Rensel's film is to be shot entirely in London. "Every day I get up and feel more excited.

    Unlike an ad where you feel charged for only ten days here I've to remain focused for more than a year. I'm enjoying the process of making the film from scratch. We start on October 15. We wrap up in March 2009."

    Isn't it too soon to direct a film? "I've a dual life. I've been directing commercials for ten years. A feature film was a natural progression. The preparation for an ad and a feature are the same.

    For me an idea even on a postage stamp is exciting. I didn't want to make a feature film until I was convinced of the subject?such a short life, might as well give it your best shot."

    Innumerable eyebrows were raised by the fascist ending for Rang De Basanti. Any regrets?

    "None at all! The ending had to have the heroes die. It was the only way to get an emotional response from the audience.

    A journalist suggested that instead of getting killed the protagonists in RDB should've exposed the politicians in a sting operation. That was a good suggestion. But we wanted to jolt the people."

    People have accused Rensel of copying in RDB from various sources.

    "Someone said RDB was inspired by Jesus Of Montreal where the actor playing Jesus during the period of Lent suddenly imagines he's Jesus. I hadn't seen Jesus Of Montreal.

    RDB can always be traced to some Nigerian or Brazilian film. Personally I'm not a dvd-copier at all. I'm very particular about being original. You can't copy from a DVD and then crib about piracy."

    Initially Rensel was also scripting Rakeysh Mehra's second film Dilli 6. "But I don't know how much of my writing will be retained. I did write it for a while. Then I bowed out and got caught up with other subjects."

    Rensel has his fingers crossed. "I hope I'm turning a director for the right reasons, and not for the money."



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