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    Default Want to be a UK resident, all you need is £5 million !!

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    Yes, you heard that right. If you are rich and ready to invest more than £5 million in Britain, you could now get permanent residence in 2 years and 5 years for full citizenship. This is like an open offer being made by the British government to the millionaires of the world.

    At the same time they have also have a cap limit on the skilled non-European people entering the country and a fast track being created for the wealthy people of the world.

    David Cameroon, British Prime Minister in his announcement a couple of weeks also gave hints about the 'entrepreneurial visa'.
    “If you’ve got an idea, if you want to create jobs, and if you have the ambition to build a world beating company here in the UK, we want you,” is what PM Cameron had said in a speech in London.
    The exact details are yet to be finalized and announced.

    It is also said that the entrepreneurs,investors, and people with exceptional talent with great business ideas will be welcome to UK and their visa process will be much faster and user friendly.

    In a relaunch of sorts, the Tier 1 visa for people with exceptional talent will be subject to a global limit of 1000. The Tier 1 (general) category for highly skilled migrants without a job offers will be closed. The new rules are set to come into effect from April 2011.

    So far, under the Tier 1 investors scheme, an individual has to invest a minimum of 1 million pounds of their own funds in the UK in a business or industry, while an experienced entrepreneur, who wishes to set up an enterprise, can invest a minimum of 2 million pounds to become eligible for the Tier 1 entrepreneurs category.

    This perfectly looks like an offer being made to some of the wealthiest individuals around the world. Well, lets hope this works out both the ways, for the Britain and the people who wants to settle down there.
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    lol c thats sumthing shud america shud do..we need smart ppl not retards
    sorry dude .... Hash



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