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    Top 8 Sexiest Men Of Bollywood

    They make the loveliest of the ladies go oooh and aaah ever time they flex their muscles or flaunt that infectious smile! They can make Greek Gods look ordinary with their chiseled looks. They are… the sexiest men of Bollywood! With the right combination of looks, skills and brains, our desi heroes have what it takes to swoon ladies over and look awesomely hot. Who needs Hollywood? These men give a new meaning to the age-old adage of “tall, dark and handsome”. Check out our pick of the top 10 hot men in Bollywood!

    John Abraham

    He has the body of a Greek God, perfect abs, dusky rugged face that looks absolutely seductive and his infectious smile makes him look like an innocent 5-year old! What’s more? He is a perfect boyfriend, a responsible citizen, a gentleman and has a penchant for zooming on super bikes. Drooling already?

    Hrithik Roshan

    He rose to overnight fame and success with his debut movie “Kaho Naa... Pyar Hai” and has had the girls literally worshipping him. A perfectly muscular body, tan complexion, seductive green eyes and the ability to look ‘perfect’ on and off screen, Hrithik is definitely one of the hottest men in Bollywood.

    Arjun Rampal

    Salman Khan

    Do we need to give an explanation? He is the one who set the trend of carrying off toned bare body with style and oomph. Being in controversies most of the time has made him even hotter than before. With a vulnerable yet a tough look, he sure makes women go weak at knees even today.

    Shah Rukh Khan

    What can one say about one of the top actors of Bollywood? Though he may not boast of a macho body, his naughty eyes and dimpled smile sends hearts aflutter even today. At 40, he can carry off the look of a stud of 20 and be a lover, fighter, dancer, all at the same time.

    Shahid Kapoor

    Ranbir Kapoor

    Kunal Khemu

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    OMG! #1 for me is HRITHIK...jus' gorgeous...and then shahid. He jus gets better every his body gets even more toned with every movie. Kunal has the sexiest smile i have ever seen...and john is jus delicious. Shahrukh looked so good in Chak de and salman khan has an amazing heart & soul which makes him even more good looking to women. Thank you for this post!

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