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    Talking Ranbir Kapoor: Secret passion

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    Ranbir Kapoor: Secret passion
    By Subhash K Jha

    Not too many people know about Ranbir Kapoor's secret passion.

    It came out in the open field on Tuesday when Bollywood played a charity benefit match against a professional team of soccer players at the Abhijeet Kadam Memorial Football Cup match in Pune.

    Most clearly Ranbir Kapoor was the man of the match.

    He not only surprised the spectators and his colleagues who were there at the event with his expertise at the game, Ranbir came home to Mumbai triumphant, having scored 4 out of the 7 goals scored by the Bollywood team, leading the film fraternity into a clean victory of the field.

    Not only that Ranbir, by now used to awards, was declared Man Of The Match in Pune.

    Suniel Shetty who was present at the match just can't stop raving about Ranbir, "I was so bloody surprised! I though Ranbir was damn a good actor. But I didn't know the boy played soccer like a dream. He's just so good on the field, it's scary."

    Suniel confesses he is a cricket fan while his son is a big soccer fam. "I was there for the charity football on Tuesday for my son's sake though because of school he couldn't attend."

    And why does Suniel find the thought of Ranbir playing soccer so well scary? "Because sports is finally giving Bollywood a run for its money," observes Suniel.

    "Ranbir plays soccer like a professional. Now Shah Rukh and Preity have gone into cricket. Let the IPL matches begin and the cinema theatres will wear a deserted look. First the board exams in March and then the IPL matches in April. I think the movie business is in big trouble this year."



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