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    Default Rachel Nichols: Conan is for women

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    Rachel Nichols thinks women will enjoy Conan the Barbarian as much as men.

    The 31-year-old Hollywood actress portrays Tamara in the action fantasy, which sees the title character embark on an adventure to avenge the murder of his father.

    The movie also stars Rose McGowan as Marique and hunk Jason Momoa as Conan. Rachel was thrilled to star in a movie which was so empowering to women, and has urged female cinemagoers to see the picture.

    'But for women, there are very strong women. Even Marique who is a bad girl, sheís still very strong and thereís a girl fight, and there is girl power as well. I think women will have fun with it. Itís very bloody, but I think itís pretty cool that itís so bloody,' she explained.

    Rachel laughed that her co-star Jasonís buff body was another reason to tune in. She was quick to point out that it isnít just his good looks which make him such a good male lead in the retelling of the Conan story.

    'I was going to say have you seen Jasonís abs? And for those who donít know, you get to see his butt too,' she laughed.

    'Aside from that, even if he was covered the entire movie the appeal is: Conan the Barbarian came out about 30 years ago. Itís ready for a bit of a modernisation and a re-telling. I give a lot of credit to Jason because his Conan is fantastic, heís fantastic as Conan.'



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