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    Punjab gave the most to the beloved mother land Pakistan either it is political, social, judicial or army or agriculture but in return what do we get to make our life better are we the decision makers? Can we live
    our life according to our will? Are we getting what we deserve?

    Punjab has given the most in agricultural field as Punjab is land of five rivers.

    Our man has given their life for the country fighting our enemies.

    It was our power who forced the dictator to resign from presidency.

    It was the power of Land of Five Rivers who restored judiciary.

    We are the people who suffered most for the restoration of judiciary and democracy our man and women were beaten on road and many were jailed.


    What do we get for this????

    What does our politicians and judiciary gave us for which we were used, we were used to restore the democracy and judiciary and what we get in return?

    Bomb blast in markets, Suicide attacks in mosques, again and again killing of our people, increase in prize, increase in prize of fuels, power shortage, shortage of etc. we are not ever
    getting the basic necessities of life

    There is only one solution to all this and that is we the common man take decisions and go into the assemblies and become decision maker!!

    In 63 years of politics there is not even a single person who is from middle class or lower class elected as MPA or MNA from Punjab its now the time we should invade parliament with the flux of common man and son of farmer.

    We have high hopes from MQM and its leader Altaf Hussain that how they have changed the future of Sindh and have elected people from lower class and middle class to represent them in assemblies and we have very high hopes that
    they will do the same in Punjab by taking u to

    25 April is the day of dream becoming true, it is the day of Punjab, It is the day of common man from 25 April there shall be no looking back I will be attending the convention on 25
    April in Lahore with so much high hopes.



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