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    Default Obama may back India's permanent UNSC membership bid

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    US officials want President Barack Obama to support India as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, telling him it could make his India visit truly historic

    Unrelated to India being elected a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council by a landslide, there has been a critical mass developing among senior administration officials that President Barack Obama announce America's support for India for a permanent UNSC seat, preferably during his address to a joint session of Parliament during his visit next month.

    Sources told that the argument put forth by these officials was that the US had everything to gain and nothing to lose by making such an endorsement.

    The UNSC reform issue, the officials argued, including the expansion of the permanent members, would not come for months and could take even years.

    But an explicit and unambiguous show of support for New Delhi , the officials pointed out, would have a major positive impact on both the Indian government and -- more importantly -- the people of India.

    The officials contend that even if ultimately the likes of China and Pakistan and/or other members succeed in torpedoing India's bid if and when a decision is taken to expand the permanent membership of the Security Council, the US can always say that it did support India -- goodwill that could be banked on a permanent basis.
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