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    Default Microsoft May Dump Dolby Technology With Windows 8

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    Microsoft may be dumping Dolby technology with its next operating system, the Microsoft Windows 8, after Dolby announced it technology does not appear in the latest build of the OS which is still in development.

    In a statement released late last week, Dolby said that it has “recently learned that our technologies are not currently included in the Windows 8 operating system under development.”

    The company reported on Thursday its most recent fiscal quarter’s performance with declining revenue (at $219 million compared to $230.3 million in the same quarter last fiscal year).

    As a result of the announcement by Dolby, it stocks took a dip during the weekend.

    However, Dolby said that it will find a way to shore up its revenue if its technology is left out of Windows 8 when it finally comes out.

    “If our technologies are not included in the commercial version of Windows 8, we expect to support DVD playback functionality by increasingly licensing our technologies directly to OEMs and ISVs, and we will seek to extend our technologies to further support online content playback,” Dolby said.



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