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    Default Leadership can make a big difference in Punjab

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    A true leadership must be for the benefit of the followers and not for the enrichment of the leaders. This is something which can take a nation from bottom to top, and absence of such attributes from a leader can bring a nation from top to bottom. Unfortunately in Pakistan the leaders have never been that impressive when it comes for serving the nation. An essential part of being a good leader is being a good teacher. If talking about Pakistan, and particularly the largest populated province Punjab, leadership crisis is always been the most vital reason behind the declined economy and poverty. The leaders who have been in charge for decades, whether under dictatorship or democracy have brought Punjab into a big trouble, by misusing their power and authorities.
    For them, a poor middle-class citizen is nothing but a slave, who is born just to vote for them and suffer their savage attitudes. Their own children usually study in oxford, but in their own constituency we barely see a govt school with minimum facilities, schools without books, furniture, fans and other basic necessities can never be a favorite place for a child, and as a result the citizens of the province are still illiterate. And since there is no way an illiterate poor person can compete with a rich powerful feudal, the province of Punjab had suffered a lot at the hands of such landlords.
    A sign of hope in such detrimental and worst situations is the upcoming convention of MQM in Punjab.
    Today MQM is the only political force which practically promote young, talented and middle class leadership. Since they have their influence more in Urban Sindh, we can notice a big difference of development, prosperity and implementation of manifesto in those areas as compare to rest of the country. Not only the Mayors, but MNAs, MPAs, senator and each and every office bearer is determined and committed to his cause which is to serve the humanity. Another good factor of this political party is the absence of discrimination regarding casts, class, creed, religion or language. The philosophy and ideology which MQM wants to bring into Punjab is the need of time, we lack Practicalism since 62 years in Punjab, we didn't even knew that an elected member is not a king of his constituency but a servant, who had to be accountable in front of his voters.
    The expectations are very high, that the rising sun of 25th April will be a birth of a revolution which will change the fate of Punjab, I hope that the youth and middle class citizens of Punjab will realize the importance of this situation, and will gather under the flag of MQM to bring a positive change in Punjab & Pakistan.



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