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Thread: how u feel??

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    Cool how u feel??

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    hii everyone

    long time i didnt post

    u can say me back to post


    sometimes some one think hardly about topic

    and he want to discuss it

    or maybe its like something happened to him but he brings it as discussion

    n he want too see wht would u guys do if u whr in his place

    n he write n write n then he wait n wait

    just to see if thr is any answer

    n whn ever he saw replay in his thread he jump n come n see

    at last he just see thanx for the thread

    or he saw just someone pass n put thanx n go

    wht would u feel if u whr in tht person place ??

    how would u react??

    whould u post agian or try to discuss something with such ppl ??

    chalu sab i want answer not just pasing

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    i will still keep posting to keep the forum active

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    solu said it



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