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    Unlike women, men are not too fond of the idea of endlessly talking about how much they love their partners.

    But it does not imply that they are unaffectionate by nature, but it's just that they feel uncomfortable while translating their feelings into words. Shekhar Gupta, a Delhi-based bank employee says, “I can take care of her and take her out for dinner, but indulging in mushy conversations is not my cup of tea. Of course, I love her, but I think guys like to express love differently. For us, it’s more about our actions than words.”

    So if you are getting frustrated waiting to hear some magical words from your man, just take a deeper look as he maybe saying much more in other ways...

    When he chooses to be with you

    Once you start understanding your guy, you'll realize that they are simple creatures. They are bound by ambition and know how to prioritize things.

    Anandita Bose, a media professional says, “My guy is studying abroad and came home for vacation. Unfortunately, his parents stay nearly 100 km away from my home. For two months, he spent each weekend with me. He used to commute by public transport and to save money he put up in budget hotels. It’s rare that he utters, ‘I love you’, but after seeing his efforts to be with me, I really don’t mind.”

    Expert Speak : Dr Kamal Khurana, a marriage and relationship
    counsellor unveils, “When your man tries to spend most of his time with you and keep looking for ways to reach out to you, it’s a clear indication that you are on his mind all the time. Rather than making him express himself in words, try to make your meetings more special for both of you.”

    He introduces you to ‘his’ world

    If he takes you home to meet his parents, introduces you to his friends, freely flaunts his relationship status on his profile on social networking sites....that means he is really into you.

    Rasik Chaturvedi, a HR consultant says, “For me saying ‘Love you’ means you are a part of my life and I am truly committed to you. I don’t believe in loosely using this phrase. I give enough reasons to my girl to feel loved. My family and pals have met her. It is an indication enough for her that she is the only one in my life. I want her to connect with the people who mean the most to me and want them to accept her as a part of my existence.”

    Expert Speak : Dr. Sameer Parikh, a psychiatrist says, “Introducing a girl to a his family is a big move for a man. It signifies that his love and intimacy for a woman are increasing. Women are generally insecure when it comes to their love life. So rather than getting irritated with her constant queries, try to make her comfortable and help her decode your way of loving her.”

    The way he makes love to you

    His actions speak louder than words, his passion for you makes him more playful in bed.

    Amay Gupta, a charted accountant reveals, “If you are not emotionally connected to your partner, sex is nothing more than a lusty act. Many women think that all a man wants from them is sex. That’s completely untrue. Physical intimacy is an extension of love. If my wife and me are not closely knit, we will never be able to attain that high point while love-making. Pampering her in bed and trying to achieve all her fantasies is my way of loving her.”

    Expert Speak :
    Dr Khurana explains, “Physical intimacy helps a couple
    in breaking their inhibitions, it results in a feeling of closeness. For a man, sex is a way of expressing his feelings for his ladylove. For the male partner it means satisfying her needs and having his needs met. The only thing as a man you should keep in mind is, every women has her own definition of pleasure.”

    He Respects you...

    Being in love also means honoring each other’s decisions and giving your partner enough space to be themselves.

    Ragini Mathur, a Mumbai based home-maker says, “A lot of women think that if you do not earn then you don’t have any say in family matters. I completely disagree with this. My husband
    always seeks my opinion in all-important things. He knows how to share responsibilities. It makes me feel proud, when I am able to accomplish what he wanted me to do. At times, things that I have told him may not interest him, but he still patiently listens to me. He makes me feel special. I am glad that he respects me as an individual.”

    Expert Speak :
    Dr Parikh adds, “Supporting your partner is an essential thing in a relationship. It’s great if you can do so without dominating the other person. If your man doesn’t intrude in your personal space and trusts your decision, it means he feels deeply connected to you and can read your mind.”

    Sharing his deep dark secrets

    It's rare that a man acts like an open book and lets you reads his life. If your man does so, it means you are his trusted lady.

    Archana Singh, a lecturer says, “Who doesn’t like dating Mr Richie Rich, and luckily I have found one. He's not a spoilt brat and is rather grounded and hardworking. Recently he told me the reason why he was different from the rest. His father was a government servant and thus he did not have a lavish childhood. It’s only after he started working that things changed. I felt so touched when he spoke about the various hardships he had faced. He could have easily hidden all this from me, but he didn’t. I feel much closer to him now.”

    Expert Speak :
    “Being artificial or pretentious is the last thing one should do when in love. If you and your partner remain in your skin while you are together, it’s a compliment for the relationship. Sharing your secrets, fears and embarrassing moments with your partner, increases the emotional intimacy and trust factor,”


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    ¢υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
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    most important thing to respect u nd appreciate u being in his life,
    most of thm dont care about u making their livez, anyway , love in a precius thing
    to appreciate .
    thanks sweety






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