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    Lightbulb Deadly drug found at Jackson’s home

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    It is so potent it can stop someone's heart

    Police searching Michael Jackson's home have reportedly discovered quantities of dangerous drug Propofol - which can be deadly if taken with narcotic painkillers.

    The Thriller hitmaker passed away on June25 following a cardiac arrest at his California mansion, amid swirling rumours he was battling an addiction to prescription drugs.

    Shortly after Jackson's tragic death, Los Angeles police conducted a search of the star's home and confiscated a variety of pills and medications which were among his possessions.

    Now celebrity website is reporting cops discovered Propofol at Jackson's home, a potent drug used for surgical anaesthesia.

    The medication, which can only be administered with an intravenous drip (IV), can cause cardiac arrest if it is taken in combination with narcotic painkillers, but the drug is so potent it can stop someone's heart on its own.

    A source tells the website, "There is no conceivable way this drug can be properly prescribed for home use."

    Jackson’s nutritionist Cherilyn Lee has also claimed the singer asked her for a prescription of Diprivan - the brand name for Propofol - a month before his death to help with insomnia - but she refused claiming the drug is too dangerous for personal use.




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