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    Default Chinese eggs in the urine of young boys - Strange

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    Chinese eggs in the urine of young boys

    Strange custom exists in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. Since the beginning of spring there ready to specific local dish - chicken eggs, cooked in the urine of boys. They are called Tuntszydan . For their preparation in the local schools collect the urine of boys under ten years, pushing for this special capacity. Cook an egg to a whole day, so the smell, raznosyaschiysya over villages, incomparable in its vonyuchesti. But as claimed by culinary connoisseurs, the eggs are obtained are very tasty and go with trays like hotcakes at the price of one and a half yuan

    As usual, the sum under the Chinese custom of eating eggs, cooked in the urine, a medical basis, explaining that the spring energy imbalance of yin and yang. Urine is the child in traditional Chinese medicine is often used as an ingredient in medicines to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

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